We are an Italian company that design and produce sustainable premium denim wear in Northern Italy.
We use GOTS certified organic cotton Italian denim fabrics and japanese selvage Organic Cotton denim. Denim has the highest rating level VVV+ of project.

To improve sustainability of products, we developed new fabrics using organic cotton mixed
 with more sustainable fibers like linen, hemprecycled cotton in cooperation with our Italians and Japanese partner mills.

Cut and sewn in Bergamo area by Italian craftsmen with more than decades of wear production experience.

Washes and treatments are done by innovative Italian laundries with ice, natural resins and with Eco-aging
a natural and 100% biodegradable treatment with an eco-compost for "used" and the "vintage" effects.

Each pair of Jeans is unique, different from the others receiving singular treatments.

Selvage denim are sold raw as the best tradition of the indigo fading-out

Branded buttons and accessories are done by an Italian company in "historical buttons district" in Bergamo area.

Choosing natural and organic fibers combined with major changes in the production chain,
we significantly reduced water consumption and removed chemicals substances for an ethical use of resources
enabling sustainable development and at the same time offer high quality products with researched design

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